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Z2Data is providing the electronic industry’s first Coronavirus impact report at the manufacturing site level so you can assess and mitigate the impact of the shutdown on your company’s Tier-1 and Sub-Tier suppliers.

Assess your supply chain risk from the Coronavirus pandemic with a personalized report that analyzes which suppliers, commodities and products are likely to have procurement, lead-time and pricing issues.

Part to Site Mapping with Shutdown Impact
Instantly map components in your bill of materials to manufacturing sites such as EMSs, FABs, assembly sites and factories. Cross-check site locations that are impacted by the Coronavirus shutdown in China.

Risk Analysis and Multi-Sourcing
Assess risk based on supplier location for all parts associated with your internal part numbers. Easily find out if you are already multi-sourced or sole-sourced based on manufacturing site locations in Chinese shutdown cities.

Manufacturing Site Details
Get in-depth data on each site location of your Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers. Conduct risk analysis based on public Coronavirus shutdown announcements and custom outreach by Z2Data.

Custom Coronavirus Outreach
Take the report further with Z2Data’s Supplier Contact team to reach out to supplier contacts. Get a complete understanding of shutdown lengths and potential lead-time and pricing issues to come in the months ahead.

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