Get alerts on your supply chain events

Eliminate manual processing of Product Change Notices and global event alerts with Z2Data's Alert Tracker. Easily centralize PCNs on Alert Tracker while complying with JEDEC standards allowing for supplier audit and review. Receive real-time and summarized emails for alerts ranging from new PCNs to manufacturing location events and natural disasters.

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Consolidate & Monitor Every PCN

Manage PCNs across suppliers and products easily in one centralized location. PCNs are reviewed against JEDEC standards to allow for supplier audit and review.

Monitor Suppliers, Sites & Global Events

Monitor key events affecting your suppliers such as litigation notices, M&A activity, financial updates and more. Get timely updates on global events affecting your suppliers' sites including their sub-contractors.

Live Dashboards & Automated Reports

View all alerts and PCNs grouped by importance on dashboards and create automated reports. Review average response times by internal teams and compliance by suppliers for timely notifications.

Custom Supplier Contacts

Z2Data's professional services team contacts suppliers directly on your behalf in the case of inquiries from your internal teams.

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